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Talus - Reduction & Fixation - AO Surgery.

AO Surgery Reference - quick online reference in clinical life. 26/10/2017 · The talus lies just above the calcaneus or heel bone and below the tibia or shin bone. Together the talus and calcaneus are critical to your ability to walk. A talus fracture usually results from serious trauma to the foot. Injuries that could cause a talus fracture include a.

03/08/2016 · Bilateral simultaneous fracture dislocation of the talus is a very rare injury. It occurs usually following high-velocity injuries. We report a 45-year-old man who presented with bilateral talar fracture dislocation following a heavy stone falling on him. On his right side, he had open talus. Traumatic Dislocation of the Talus The feet are an often overlooked part of the body that have the potential to be seriously injured. These are important and complicated structures with numerous, small, moving parts that all must work together in order to function efficiently. Talus Dislocation. Whenever someone makes the decision to get inside of a motor vehicle, safety always needs to come first. This means maintaining the car properly, making sure that everyone buckles their seatbelts and obey the rules of the road. The talus bone lacks a good blood supply. Because of this, healing a broken talus can take longer than most other bones. One with a broken talus may not be able to walk for many months without crutches and will further wear a walking cast or boot of some kind after that.

A case report of avascular necrosis of the talus, secondary to fracture dislocation of this bone, treated by a bone graft which was passed from the calcaneus into the body of the talus. Subsequent subtalar fusion may have revascularized the talus. The patient had a painless foot and had been ambulating with full weight bearing on the affected side. The talus, a pivotal bone in the foot, mainly serves to invert or evert the foot. Through the nineteenth century, below-the-knee amputation was the treatment of choice for fractures or fracture-dislocations of the talus, owing to high associated mortality. Mid-foot is supported by proximal ½ of the metatarsal bone as well as cuboid, navicular and cuneiform bone. Mid-foot joints form the arch of the foot. Hind-foot is supported by talus and calcaneus bone. Symptoms of foot joint dislocation are spread into one of the three sections. Talar head fractures involve the articular surface of the talus at the talonavicular articulation, often accompanied by dislocation or subluxation and adjacent bone fractures. These are the least common fractures of the talus, accounting for 5%–10% of all talar fractures 9 – 11. This case represents a complete, closed dislocation of the talus, which is an extremely rare injury, although not as rare as those occurring without fracture. With these types of injuries the talus is at significant risk for avascular necrosis.

Talar Fractures and Dislocations: A Radiologist’s Guide to Timely Diagnosis and Classification1 The talus, the second largest tarsal bone, has distinctive imaging characteristics and injury patterns. The predominantly extraosseous vascular supply of the talus predisposes it to significant injury in. Talus anatomy. The talus is the bone that makes up the lower part of the ankle joint the tibia and fibula bones of the lower leg make up the upper part of the ankle joint. The talus sits above the heel bone calcaneus. Together, the talus and calcaneus form the subtalar joint, which is important for walking, especially on uneven ground. In some cases, an ankle dislocation can happen without a break in the bones of the ankle. In these cases, the ankle dislocation occurs along with a severe ankle sprain. A severe sprain is when the ligaments are torn. Most commonly, the injury pushes the talus bone behind the other ankle bones. Total Dislocation of the Talus with Associated Fracture. As mentioned above, cases of total talar dislocation with and without associated fractures of talus and adjacent bones were included in several of the case series reviewed; however, the authors did not provide separate data for outcome and complications for these two groups 1, 19-21. impact to an inverted,plantar-flexed foot1,3–6.Total dislocation of the talus is a rare injury that is thought to account for only 0.06% of all dislocations and only 2% of talar injuries7.Itis usually the result of high-energy trauma such as a fall from a height or motor vehicle accident1,8. Because of the limited blood supply of the talus.

Dislocations and fracture‐dislocations of the.

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Fracture dislocations of the talus Dr KS Dhillon FRCS Introduction The talus is one of the largest bone of the foot. Fractures of the talus are uncommon and constitute less than 1% of all fractures and between 3 to 6% of foot fractures 1. About 60% of the talus is.

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